Release Date: August, 2012

Label: Hell’s Headbangers

ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME - IITwo years after the debut self-titled full-length that came from out of nowhere, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME duet (now with the help from PROFANATICA session members –although B. Jones has a certain songwriting contribution) come back to bury more nails into weak Christian limbs. John Gelso’s guitar is the mastermind here with a style definitely close to what he does in PROFANATICA, although with some hidden leads behind the insect-like sonic wall the riffs built, in order to intensify the morbid atmosphere that lingers around these places.

However, even if we, the deranged souls, listen to such sounds in a euphoria state, during the first three tracks we’re on the verge of saying “yes, great, but on other hand it’s the same as before”. And at that point exactly, THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME throw to our faces a suberb treble riff that closes “Ashes Of The Holy Ghost” in grandeur. From now on Norwegian sounds of the early 90s come to accompany the everpresent primordial US bestial black/death in a mixture comparable –in general terms- to what was suggested by DEMONCY in “Faustian Dawn” demo –also, the small lead part in the of “Resurrection In Depravity” is probably the best GORGOROTH tribute I’ve heard lately. However, the barbaric blasphemy is still the key player here, for example in the fantastic, murky old-school death metal track “Profane Rite”.

The rhythm section proves solid and devoted to the teachings of the late 80w (= beat the drums mercilessly, as nails to coffin that contain an undead man), but the one that makes his own grand performance here is –once again- the mighty Imperial in vocal duties and, of course, lyrics which for what they have to say, are some levels above the random satanic verses that demand Christian blood and decapitations. I don’t if we could call him “poor blackmetaller’s Wrest (given the fact that LEVIATHAN have become something like the stars of urban USBM, whereas KRIEG only interest a small group of fans) but in any case his pure, cold-hearted misanthropy, present even in his photos, is at least scary.

By closing with a track (“Broken Word Of God”) which could be named as “magnum opus”), profanity no. “II” from THE ROYAL ARCH BLASPHEME calls us to a never-ending battle against the Christianity plague. I’m more than confident, that, were they living in rotten Greece of today, the first wood they would burn (instead of the expensive petroleum) in order to heat their houses, would be crosses stolen from the thousands of churches that have drowned this place. They show us the way, let’s just step into it!

~ by antifleshnimbus on January 4, 2013.

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