MORBID FOG “Αρχέγονο Σκότος” (“Archaegono Skotos”)

Release Date: October, 2012

Label: Grim Reaper (tape)/Azermedoth (CD)

Archaegono SkotosThe Hellenic scene is steaming once again. Everyday darkness produces constant need of externalizing thoughts and emotions as well as nostalgia for an undefined past where wellbeing prevailed over simple survival. MORBID FOG come from the greek countryside (Thessaly) to add their own stones on the altar of heart-pounding, ancient-praising, KAWIR school blackmetal.

In an effort worthy of all our respect, Astraeos handles every instrument as well as overall production here and the final outcome should make him proud. High-pitched riffing in (mostly) mid-tempo paces some times gives the signal for attack and other times beckons for retreat (but never surrender!). With the drums (which I don’t know if they’re programmed or not, but they sound just fine in any case) holding the listener in vigilance and NECROMANTIA-style recitations adding their own depth to the tracks, “Archaegono Skotos” (= “Primordial Darkness”) is here to light a fire and gather round all those who have always searched in Hellenic blackmetal a strong (but not cheap) dose of heavy metal essence.

Wise in number of tracks (six plus the intro) and length (40 minutes), this record around its mid-point (Pagan Ritual Beneath The Fullmoon Light, first part of A Deathtrip To The Land Of Darkness) also exhales odours of the north (Norway to be more specific), as guitars come in more aggressive tones and the atmosphere becomes hazardous and vile before returning back in the initial more ritual aspirations.

The truth is that the sound does some injustice to the compositions and with a better production the outcome might be even more thrilling. But to search for such drawbacks in the works of a man, who, instead of aimlessly wasting his time, devotes effort, time and income to express his inner thoughts among such adverse situations, well it’s kind of pointless, don’t you think?


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