DODSFERD/NADIWRATH “Misanthropic Bonds”

Release Date: October, 2012

Label: Misanthropic Art Productions

Misanthropic BondsIn the wake of their relatively recent split releases, the dual force of DODSFERD and NADIWRATH returns with yet another split, this time containing the demos of the two bands plus some extra recordings.

On the DODSFERD side, we have “Kruzifixxion Of Human Disgust”, a demo drained in raw, negative power with a monolithic approach to blackmetal. Despite the premature age of the members (Wrath was assisted at the time by Saevus from DEVATHORN and –lately- ACHERONTAS), it’s exactly this fermentation of the genre’s archetypical elements that provides these recordings with the aura of authenticity; the finest example being the addictive monotony of “Staring At The Forthcoming Chaos”. On the top of it all, we get last years re-recording of “Dodsferd” in a fully misanthropic punk version, as well as a very well fitting cover of GG ALLIN’s “Bite It You Scum”.

On the NADIWRATH side, they re-offer their self-titled demo to us, a release that has its own significant impact in the underground scene about five years ago. Its three tracks (which were later also re-recorded and included in the astonishing “Nihilistic Stench” debut), here are obviously rougher, more maddening and suicidal. Additionally, the new/unreleased “Third Eye Wound” proudly stands as yet another offering to the altar where blackmetal darkness and spontaneous punk rage are boiling together. As for the “Succubus Of All Vices” cover, it comes –fully adjusted to the band’s personal style- to remind us that DEATHSPELL OMEGA existed before “Si Monvmentvm…” too.

PS. This writing cannot close without special reference to Maxime Taccardi’s magnificent cover art.

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