Date: February 2, 2013

Location: 7Sins Club, Athens – Greece

NipenthisEntering February, the first blackmetal event of the year would be a fact and, upon arrival shortly before the start, the turnout could stand as satisfying. It was for NIPENTHIS to open this evening, and in the third time I would watch them upon stage, their traditional blackmetal approach remained dynamic and with the right feeling. Yet, to be honest, I would expect stronger bonds between them in comparison to one year ago (Occult Black Metal Ritual @ Second Skin), while I also have the impression they are trying to use as many good riffs as they believe, inside one single track, which sometimes messes with the music’s consistency. In any case we are waiting for their new material for a more thorough opinion.

Impure WorshipTheir substitutes on the 7Sins Club stage, IMPURE WORSHIP –the duet of Fallen Angel Of Fornication and Black Priest Of Impurity, with the addition of a session bassist would perform for the first time. Those few regular visitors of the Anti-Flesh Nimbus webspace might remember the splendid comments that accompanied the band’s self-titled 7’’ released back in April, 2012. Here we have primeval death metal painted with the colours of the blackest aesthetics in the veins of ancient BEHERIT, ARCHGOAT as well as the unholy cult that settles on the other side of the Atlantic (CONQUEROR, BLACK WITCHERY). Their tracks were executed impressively strong and accurate, with a muddy yet comprehensive sound and outstanding bonds –obviously an outcome of many rehearsal hours. Their setlist included almost all of their already known songs together with new ones, as well as great covers of PROFANATICA’s “Weeping In Heaven” (with Archfiend DevilPig on vocals) and Ψυχιατρεία” (“Madhouses”) of greek hardcore/punk legends ANTIDRASI.

DevathornIt was time now for Secta Nova to get some action, with DEVATHORN unleashing some demonic arrows towards unsuspecting souls. Their poisonous blackmetal, stepping onto the footsteps of FUNERAL MIST (mostly as a suffocating feeling), was executed in a way precise and cold, almost clinical one could say; the way a music undressed from paltry and degenerate “human” emotions owes to sound like. I, hereby, dare to state (call it an intuition) that their upcoming album will constitute a new landmark of this new scene that seems to take form in our territory (ACHERONTAS, SERPENT NOIR, ACRIMONIOUS and more…). The closing of their set with “The Venomous Advent”, having Acherontas Vp on vocals was simply magnificent. After a while ENSHADOWED emerged on stage and it Ebshadowedwas more than obvious how seriously they take the callings of our era. A decade after the -personally speaking- numb “Intensity” album and some worthwhile split efforts, they decide with their new ambitious opus “Magic Chaos Psychedelia” to open new gates, using as maps what THORNS, VED BUENS ENDE and generally all this avant-garde, 90s Norwegian scene gifted to mankind. In its live version, their music was interpreted with devotion and respect, yet I think that the magical element which would lift them of the ground was somehow missing –at least in my eyes and ears.

Embrace Of ThornsAs for headliners EMBRACE OF THORNS, everything I have to say probably has been said by me again in the past, yet it’s almost scary the fact that every single time I watch them, they manage to elevate their soundscapes up to new, higher levels. That night was their first with Fallen Angel Of Fornication (see IMPURE WORSHIP above) as second guitarist, but the Magick was still there. They began with the self-titled track from the tremendous “Praying For Absolution” record, whose storming end constitutes one of contemporary death metal’s top moments, and they continued in a “forwards-backwards” trip along their discography, leading those of us left in the club into a time-and-space vortex where chains that limit human spirit were crushed. Unfortunately, severe problems with the sound of monitors on stage forced them to end their ceremony earlier than expected. Even so, they demonstrated yet again that death metal still can and is obliged to remain dark, esoteric and a relentless enemy of modern man’s absolute nothingness.

Hail Destruction of rotten ideals

Hail Destruction of rotten flesh…

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