RISE OF MALICE “Demo 2011”

Release Date: January, 2012

Label: War Productions (tape)

Rise Of MaliceContinuing relentlessly with –relatively- new addition to Hellenic blackmetal scene, this time we will travel northwards and pay some attention to Veroian-Salonicans RISE OF MALICE, who about a year ago released their second demo effort. Being one of the few indigenous bands that look clearly towards the Norwegian early 90s, the challenge here would be to achieve in capturing a piece of that time-and-space aura without sounding plastic of cheap copiers.

The good thing is that the challenge seems to be won, since the minimal riffs guide the tracks on the frozen rails set up some time from DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL (whose “Withstand The Fall Of Time” is covered here) and GORGOROTH. Thankfully, the band does not fall in the trap of sounding intentionally “bad”, leaving the music to be heard as it should be. Welcome are, also, certain BURZUM parts (coming from Varg’s earliest era) that are amplified by the something-between-whisper-and-Golum vocals, which I have to admit I enjoyed to the maximum as I have been so bored of the much-worn nowadays “screams” in blackmetal.

To make things short, here we have a demo as one should be; that is, defining the general directions of a band and prepare us for a possible upcoming full-length. Unfortunately, some line-up turmoil seems to have put the band on hiatus and the future remains uncertain. However, should you come across this material, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

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