Release Date: April, 2013

Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Gateway To The NightsideThe legion of Daemon Worship’s releases prospers and grows rapidly. In the latest of their attacks, we observe a convergence of the two sides of the Atlantic, where ANDRAMELECH join forces with the draconian powers of SERPENT NOIR in order to unleash the sonic vibes for the opening of the nocturnal gates.

And so it begins, the “Gateway To The Nightside”, where the Mexicans’ side finds them having stepped significantly forward from the rawer style of “Destroyers Of The Cosmic Order” EP, embedding an orthodox (mainly Swedish influenced) approach to their compositions as well as a solid heavy metal infrastructure in certain parts. The 9-minute “Voiceless Verb Of Vovin” is the highlight here, with the alternations from mid-tempo pieces to blasting outbursts and from darkling passages to clean soloing (I have to admit that the solo around 2:40 reminded me how obscurely genius were NEVERMORE back in the 90s). If only they had broader vocals instead of the somewhat blatant ones they use, we could talk about a truly special creation.

Athenians SERPENT NOIR, on the other hand, have already demonstrated their distinct personality as a band, even from the “Sanguis XI” debut EP. Even so, none could expect the shock created by the consecutive listening sessions of last year’s full-length “Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness (Open Up The Shells)”, each one of whom would reveal yet another hidden treasure behind the perfect sequence of notes. So they continue their quest from that point, providing us with a new chapter (in the form of intro-main track-outro) that aims to wake the spirit from the sleep of material reality.

The Black Serpent’s blackmetal is a unique one; for it has discarded every complex that characterizes this sub-genre. It doesn’t have to sound intentionally “ugly”; on the contrary its crystal clear riffs (from Yannis, the main composer) constitute a magisterial guide to a new path. They advise, they march forward, they settle down to gather mental strength and they march again until they disappear in the horizon, leaving those that followed to the end to find now their own way. The drums and percussion (from Mika Belfagor –OFERMOD) do not demand our attention through endless blasting but they create such vortexes that one is impossible to ignore. The vocals and chants (from Kostas K. –EMBRACE OF THORNS- with additional help from Yannis) do not belong to some “ghoul” from next door; they are pure projection of the Beast within us!

In the end, this blackmetal sounds unique because it meanders (from demonic gallops to atmospheric mantras and from there to a rhythmic trance –as in the second part of “Shadow As A Portal”), as every true serpent should do. But above all, SERPENT NOIR stand proudly distinguished among a galore of things to listen to, because they bring back into music the essence of a Higher Purpose. Indeed, for those not afraid to leave behind (partly or as a whole) the spiritual regression of modern societies and reach for this Purpose, the soundtrack to their journey is here, waiting for them.

~ by antifleshnimbus on April 4, 2013.

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