NIGHTBRINGER/DØDSENGEL “Circumambulations Of The Solar Inferno”

Release Date: April, 2013

Label: Daemon Worship Productions

Circumambulations of the Solar InfernoThe two sides of the Atlantic dangerously approach each other once again. This time, each one of them provides soil for two of the Great Watchtowers, which will host the demonic forces of Americans NIGHTBRINGER and Norwegians DØDSENGEL. With their twisted lead harmonies (that made “Hierophany…” such a unique point of reference) as their basis, Naas Alcameth and his companions initially dive into psychedelic rivers and next they wrap their tentacles around the listener’s face with a constant drum attack and endless guitar harshness. The serpentine, chameleon-like vocals spread words of plague but are only the tip of an iceberg concealing many answers and even more questions. Although the Gate Of The Mighty Dead is the track that impresses at first, with some NEGATIVE PLANE references and its forwards-backwards riffing, it’s the “Ascension Of The Midnight Sun” with its cyclical temper and an underlying supernatural substance, that comes to set into the minds of those with the appropriate sockets to encapsulate it.

Such an emphatic first side of a split could prove and insurmountable obstacle for almost any band to follow; but not for the likes of Kark and Malach Adonai, two individuals that are known not to avoid challenges (who would expect a double full-length release in an era of instant consumption?). With persistent, marching tempos, a pint of heavy-metal approach (although less reduced in comparison to “Imperator”) and an anthemic mood, they strike right towards the unsuspecting listener’s subconsciousness. The pompous “Horus Sunflesh” drifts into its obsessive, ritualistic structures and “Drunk Upon Inmost Fire” builds otherworldly atmospheres and forges strong spirits, as from the mid-point and onwards we probably hear some of blackmetal’s most epic tunes in recent years. If it’s about such marvelous releases like “Circumambulations Of The Solar Inferno” or the one with ANDRAMELECH & SERPENT NOIR, then, guys keep doing splits…

~ by antifleshnimbus on April 30, 2013.

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