Date: March 29, 2013

Location: Kyttaro Club, Athens – Greece

It seems distant, now, that night of March when Epirou Street was painted in the blackest colors of Hellenic darkness. The 20 years presence of organizers Metal Defiance team were combined with the 20 years of legendary KAWIR’s existence and with the participation of exquisite guests, a magickal communion was held on Kyttaro Club’s stage.

Serpent Noir @ Kyttaro The ceremony was initiated by SERPENT NOIR, a band which I believe is apparent that has excited the owner of this website during the last many months. It was their first ever live appearance and the phrase “worthy of the expectations” seems clement to describe it. With a somewhat unexpected (yet absolutely welcome) minimal image, they quickly adjusted their sound to a fitting setup and a forwards-backwards trip started between the tracks of the mind-blowing “Seeing…” full-length and those of the sharp “Sanguis XI” EP. I would very much like to hear also the 11-minute “Shadow As A Portal” opus from the recent split with ANDRAMELECH, but let’s not be that greedy since the psychedelic approach in songs like “Ritualis Draconis” brought the powers of the Dragon a little closer to us.

The One @ KyttaroThey were followed by the guest appearance of old acquaintances (from the gig three years ago @ 7Sins Club) THE ONE, the vessel of Alexandros (MACABRE OMEN), where he collaborates with English drummer Vortigern (LYCHGATE, ex-SPEARHEAD). Guitar and drums only, yet they produce a massive wall of sound and the material of the uniquely obscure creation “I, Master” is executed with all the world’s paranoia; at least until an astonishingly disturbing, twitching sound of the guitar drives the set to a premature end. Shame, but still bands like THE ONE show the way to how this kind of music should be presented on stage.

Acherontas @ KyttaroWith all the necessary preparations (candles, incense, candelabras, ritual entrance of the band) the hour of ACHERONTAS was here. Maybe the above seems naive in an era where the “dictatorship of modern open-mindness” (as I like to call it) results in absolute flattening of the ideals, yet real Art never was about only notes or only images; as long as one knows what he/she does and what he/she DOES NOT do and what reasons led to these actions. Enough with babble however, for ACHERONTAS in the last few years have stepped in the road-of-no-return to become one of the most important bands among this current of occult blackmetal. And they will achieve this because they choose the difficult path, especially from the split release with LEVIATHAN and onwards, as far as the compositions with the numerous changes of pace and tempo (like projections of the mind’s mental transitions) are concerned. The tracks of the new album “Amenti” that were presented that night, certified the above statement and maybe this is the reason that fans struggled to follow them, still waiting for the STUTTHOF songs to  correspond to what was going on stage. In any case, their ultimate highlight still is the enchanting “Legacy Of Tiamat”.

Kawir @ KyttaroAnd so the celebrating moment for legends KAWIR had finally arrived. We are talking about two decades of this band, which has received much less appreciation than it should within Hellenic blackmetal territory. With Therthonax standing solid as a rock from the early days up to now, that night the trip to ancient Greece lasted about 2 hours and contained almost everything. From “Sinn (The Blazing Queen)” to the title track of “Isotheos” and from “Zeus” to the amazing “Titanomachia” song from the split with Kawir @ KyttaroSCYTHIAN, we enjoyed frontman Phaesphoros (with his splendid rendering of ancient Hellenic language), machine-gun drummer Ormenos as well as the two other session members in second guitar and bass. As we were approaching the end, in the show’s climax, guests Acherontas and R.W. Draconium (CHAOSBAPHOMET, ex-TATIR) joined KAWIR on stage for the ultimate odes to Hermes, Artemis and –of course!- “To Cavirs”. A marathon had just finished and by its ending, Hellenic blackmetal was stronger than ever. ΧΑΙΡΕ!

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