Release Date: November, 2012

Label: Agonia Records

SunyataLet the Magick Powers flow!

“Śūnyatā, (Sanskrit, also shunyata; Pali: suññatā), in Buddhism, translated into English as emptiness, openness, thusness, refers to the absence of inherent existence in all phenomena, and it is complementary to the Buddhist concepts of not-self (Pāli: anatta, Sanskrit: anātman)[note 1] and dependent origination.”

How much of a revolutionary can a modern era blackmetal record prove to be? To answer this question, one must define first what is “revolutionary”. For Athenians ACRIMONIOUS, Cain Letifer’s vessel, it cannot but be the mental transcendence from the sphere of negativity and nihilism to a higher spiritual state through a constant inner process. Listen to their releases in from beginning to the end and the Path will appear before you.

If “Purulence” was the description of the process mentioned above, then their new creation named “Sunyata” is clearly the result. And to be more comprehensive, in here blackmetal does not necessarily sound in the usual wrathful, malicious or misanthropic way; it rather sounds worshipping, a celebration for the Birth of the New Man. And it comes as no surprise that the sect of Cain Letifer, Semjaza 218, Ahkhar, C. Docre, as well as ar-Ra’d al-Iblis (MATRICIDE) and Acherontass who provide their insight in ideology and vocals, uses vastly this music’s Tradition; thus Heavy Metal in it’s purest, primeval form, rid from any degenerative trend. How rare –yet how suitable!- is the use of rhymes in the album’s lyrics…

Of course, present here is the aura of NIGHTBRINGER, with the lead guitar acquiring a major role throughout the record, as well as the thick, chaotic sound of FUNERAL MIST, with bass and drums undertaking the task to fill with mud every crack of the obsolete, old world’s light. Behold the coexistence of the call to arms (“Adharma” –I really wonder if there is any conincidental pun with the latin “Ad Arma”), the worship of ancient demonic forces (“Lykania Hecate”) as well as the Dionysian orgy of “Vitalising The Red-Purple In Ishet Zenunim” and “Black Kundalini” that close the record, with the guitars producing moments of awe.

Last –but most certainly not least- I left a special mention of the fact that one who gets this record in his hands will come facing one of the most extraordinary, impressive and utterly provocative artworks ever presented in a blackmetal release, under the drawings of Kyle Fite ( and Vamperess Imperium. Without any exaggeration, it is them that provide new dimensions of spiritual ascend while listening to the eight tracks of “Sunyata”, but this is up to each individual to find out on his own. The only certain thing here is that with creations like this one, one can see a dawn emerging in the distant horizon and the challenge now is how many will endure and embrace the Light of the New Sun…

~ by antifleshnimbus on June 8, 2013.

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