Release Date: September, 2013

Label: Nuclear Winter/Dark Descent

CondemnationThe underground shrine has reopened its leaden gates. In the catacombs where the sect of TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE resides, new invocations vibrate the moldy atmosphere. Those of you that have visited this website in the past, probably know that the Anti-Flesh Nimbus has a special connection to the works that bear the signature of mr. IV (or Desolate or Mitch Keepin); thus the upcoming release of TN’s debut full-length (which marks the continuation of cooperating with powerful Nuclear Winter Records -alongside Dark Descent for North America) will not be any exception to the above fact.

So, you are welcome -if one can say that- to the slow, deathlike pace of “Condemnation”, here were earthly emotions are crushed, swirling in the spiral, abyssic riffs that conquer this record. The primal, muddy matter of INCANTATION may be the basis of the horrific darkness released by TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE, yet equally important proves to be the blackmetal element which unconsciously brings to mind the early days of DEMONCY –the almost whispered vocals (in the likes of VOID MEDITATION CULT) should defend this statement. As for its doom passages, they are spread in an ominous manner, with Basilisk’s drums battered in an overwhelmingly lugubrious way (i.e. “Ascension Of Decaying Forms” sounds like nails hammered into the coffin) –however it’s the voids between each beat where the real meaning lurks. This odd mixture I would say gives an impression, enhanced by the short interludes existent here as well as the EP, that there is some sort of dual connection between what TN and NECROS CHRISTOS are trying to produce. Their approach, means and final outcome might have major differences, but the vibes floating as one listens to these bands, leave a similar aftertaste.

Do not resist to “Condemnation’s” subterranean attraction. Follow its signs and be prepared for descent; as long as you are ready for the questions brought upon you –you may have to face some of your well hidden secrets. For once, whenever listening to it, even now in the heat of the merciless Greek summer, I feel hazardous, grey clouds appearing in the horizon.

~ by antifleshnimbus on September 2, 2013.

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