Date: December 22nd, 2013

Location: Kyttaro Club, Athens

There are some (not many) times when hope is actually existent after all. It might prove to be an illusion in the end, but at least for a few hours during that Sunday night this is how I felt. For it is not a small deal for a domestic live event on a “weird” date (December 22nd is a date when many citizens of Athens have left for their home towns) to draw such a large attendance.

NecrohellIt was already halfway of NECROHELL’s show, when I arrived at Kyttaro and the club was significantly full and a good part of it was synched with the Norwegian worshipping blackmetal of Ungod’s (SLAUGHTERED PRIEST, SAD) unholy gathering. Faithful to bathorian heritage, corpsepaint, spikes and the monolithic riffs of DARKTHRONE and GORGOROTH, the Athenians presented themselves on stage in much more convincing way than the unsuspecting audience would expect. My only objection would be the second guitar’s role, as it mostly created noise higher than the required level.

NecrovorousThe familiarity between me and NECROVOROUS on the other hand was already grown, as we have “met” in various events before. Yet, the stone that crushed us this time was something I could never predict. Solid as band that has scoured the whole world’s clubs, proprietors of a concrete view on the archetypal death metal sound of AUTOPSY and MASTER (among others), rotten but in no way loose and with Archfiend Devilpig vomiting his words in a different –more direct- manner than those of EMBRACE OF THORNS and SERPENT NOIR, the Necrovores brought the audience to a state of feverish headbanging and confirmed their position upon on of the thrones of recent European death metal.

Nocturnal VomitA few moments later it was time for a proper power-trio. For the honorary guests of the evening, NOCTURNAL VOMIT from Thessaloniki, it would be no exaggeration for one to say that they reaped some souls during their performance that evening. I have already glorified “Cursed Relics” and its CELTIC FROST-like straightforward attack, yet after their after their support performance under SADISTIC INTENT, I believed (I was certain to be more precise) that they could interpret their aggressive music much better on stage; and now I think I was justified. Such an extreme sonic delirium from a death metal trio I had only encountered while ORDER FROM CHAOS were playing NWN’s 2010 festival; it may be big talk, but that’s how feel now that I’m writing these words. A special mention is owed to the emphatic bass playing which colored their songs with some extra touches of darkened paint.

RavencultThe amazing thing with RAVENCULT is that on a night that could already be characterized a complete and full with the performances of the first three bands, they simply and beautifully ripped the place to shreds, giving new meanings to already known words. For instance, from now on, if anyone asks what the meaning of the word “rage” is then those of us present there, the answer would very naturally be “but the manifestation of RAVENCULT in Kyttaro of course!”. Within a sonic paroxysm, the Norwegian riffs were deconstructed and reconstructed again by Stefanos between a thrash hammer and a black anvil, Linos was spitting his guts out, mixed with blasphemous words but the point where would one stare with his jaws dropped open was the inconceivable combination of speed, precision and violence of Maelstrom’s drum beatings.

Since too much blabbing is unnecessary and what has been written above is almost too much, let me summarize it:

  • Four bands, one better than the other
  • Amazing sound quality during the whole of the show
  • Audience in frenzy, especially during RAVENCULT when there was good amount of panic
  • An almost sold-out Kyttaro club

As I was saying in the prologue, there may be some hope after all. At least for a little while…

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