CULT OF FIRE “मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान (Ascetic Meditation Of Death)”

Release Date: December, 2013

Label: Iron Bonehead

390747If the majestic element of blackmetal died sometime during the early 00s as a result of the utterly pathetic records of DIMMU BORGIR and their even worse followers, now it may be the time to be reborn from its ashes in the heart of Europe, the land now called Czech Republic. And the fact that this is the homeland of giants MASTER’S HAMMER, has its own meaning for whatever musical differences may exist, the aura is always present. CULT OF FIRE entered our lives about three years ago with the “20:11” debut EP and since then they won’t stop disturbing us; and how could that happen when just after a year they release an amazing “Triumvirat” full-length only to give us glimpses of the shock that would follow last December, a shock mysteriously named मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान.

In “Ascetic Meditation Of Death” one cannot decide where to focus first! To its Sanskrit titles and the astonishing artwork that accompanies the vinyl edition? To the storming guitar riffs of the opening track that bear down on us like the waters of a rushing torrent? To the sitar that makes its presence particularly notable yet not at all unsuitable? Or maybe to the completely unexpected parts like that dreamy काली मां (Kali Ma)” with its almost progressive keyboards that closes the first side of the record?

Well the answer is that it is in the other side where the real essence and the hidden folds (of the record but also of the listener who will tune in appropriately) are unveiled. Where the spiral leads of the guitar push us to make the inner trip, a trip full of obstacles which we couldn’t ever imagine, narrated in a nightmarish manner by Devilish. It comes the point somewhere around the seventh, penultimate track “Khanda Manda Yoga”, where its mid-tempo melody intensifies the feeling of expectation (as well as fear too) before the final step towards Death (whatever this Death is) and the New Beginning that will follow. Now we are ready for the hypnotic “Burned By The Flame Of The Divine Love”. The start of the eternal reward…

2013 may have been a sterile year in terms of new releases for those who embrace the black offspring of metal but do not settle for the safety of recycling old-school ideas, but at least it closed in an emphatic, persuasive and above all aristocratic manner. Like it descends straight from the House Of Habsburgs in a way…

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