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The Giant Sun is bleeding and the drops are carving paths to an unknown salvation. HERETIC CULT REDEEMER, since the dawn of the previous year, have embarked upon revealing some of these paths to us and from there it’s up to each individual to make his decision. Funus, already known from his exquisite contribution to early ACRIMONIOUS releases, explains a bit further…

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I) …and suddenly it became HERETIC CULT REDEEMER! What “forces” were in tune in order to form this new entity? How was the specific name chosen?

Good evening Anti-Flesh Nimbus. The birth of HCR was meant to be. Personally I do not believe in luck but in the fact that we magnetize things and situations around us. As for the name, we wanted it to give an idea as to what one will hear in the record and read in the lyrics.

II) You started to make things happen in the beginning of the previous year by distributing a digital promo. What was the reception?

Yes, this is true, and you were one of the recipients. Our goal was to disseminate the band to some respected sites and labels in order to make our existence known. The reception we got was truly very positive towards our material.

HCR - Album CoverIII) How did cooperation with Iron Bonehead occur for the release of your debut full-length EP? Will there also be editions in other formats?

The cooperation occurred in the traditional way: We sent the promo – the label was interested – the LP was released. I.Bh. is a well-respected label as far as we are concerned so had no second thoughts about it. As for other formats, it has just been released on CD by the rising Hellthrasher Productions. So far, we have not been in contact with anyone for a possible tape edition.

IV) The tracks of the full-length are “painted” from the bold presence of the lead guitar, which makes several “disharmonic” maneuvers. Am I right if I say that this element intensifies in a way the narrative aspect of your music?

This is just how it is! The music simply flows from our inner selves. I cannot imagine any other way to describe this narrative aspect as you say it.

V) Although appearing straight-forward at first, the songs unravel various folds during each listening. I believe you have achieved something rare; that is to draw the listener’s attention and slowly initiate them in your universe.

This is exactly what we aimed at through our music. We tried not to write a one-dimensional record. Our goal was for each hearing to be a new experience for the listener.

HCR @ Occult Black/Death RitualVI) Your vocals -I would say- are defined from an otherworldly aura and are in no way the typical screams/growls that one can find in tons along today’s blackmetal. Do you have to transcend to some specific spiritual state in order to perform like that?

For a start, thank you very much. I believe what you mention is obligatory. Spiritual concentration is, for me, the means to connect your material essence with the Divine.

VII) I have to confess that I enjoy in particular the slow parts of your music. In the future will there be more passages like those of the tormenting and ultra-heavy “Oldest Of Times” and “Unknown Salvation”

Slow parts are one of the many realities of HERETIC CULT REDEEMER. For sure there will be similar parts in future releases.

VIII) Let’s switch, for a while, to the lyrical aspect, which I imagive you hold almost as high as the music. What philosophical/occult currents will one encounter in the texts of HERETIC CULT REDEEMER?

The lyrics are mainly influenced from the so-called destructive philosophers, as well as theosophy and the two forms of kabbalism.

IX) As a continuation of the above, please allow me to make a special reference here: “Ochra spirocheti infects the pantheon of heroes / a slap in the face of the poimnion”. Would you like to elaborate some more?

The specific track is called “Concatenation”. It speaks about the marriage of man with the serpent. Ochra spirochete is the cause for syphilis. The sexual act is the mystery through which we infect of awaken our consciousness-soul-self.

X) Equally impressive is the artwork of the LP and of course I am referring to the provocative image of Jesus, in a position that unifies yoga and the “as above so below” sign of the hands, while he is surrounded by two serpents. Is this concept about a perception regarding unification of different paths to higher spiritual states?

Yes, I believe that things around us hold both facets. Each person is forced to find his/her own path be it the left or right one (or both of them), to achieve awakening of the spirit. The fact that we have been born and raised in the western world probably makes western types of such arts more fitting for our perception but this does not forbid any other approach.

HCR @ Occult Black/Death RitualXI) Moving towards the end of this conversation, a few months ago you made your concert debut as a part of the Occult Black/Death Metal Ritual organized under the aegis of ACHERONTAS. What experiences did you gain as a band from that show? I am aware of the sound problems on stage but for us watching from below your performance was great, to the point that it would impossible for someone (not knowing it a priori) to guess that it was the first live appearance of the band.

First of all, we want to thank the coven of ACHERONTAS for putting faith in us. Our experiences were mostly educative. We managed to overcome all this setbacks you mentioned and I want to believe we produced the atmosphere, the power and the energy in the way we intended it to be.

XII) Thank you for the time dedicated to this conversation with Anti-Flesh Nimbus. The final words are yours…

I thank you for the stage you provided us. “I do not follow anyone and I do not want anyone to follow me, what I want if each one to follow their own selves”. The oldest of times shall rise!

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