DEUS IGNOTUS “Procession Of An Old Religion”

Release Date: June, 2014

Label: Forever Plagued Records

Procession of an Old ReligionHowever quietly DEUS IGNOTUS act among the blasphemous catacombs of greek extreme sound, it comes to a total contrast with the multiplied noise produced from the speakers, when their releases find their way into our players. The duet of Reshep (also in tremendous AIMA) and Xolferoth, assisted by chameleon Spoonman in vocals, in this recent EP takes us for a small infernal walk that lasts about a quarter of an hour.

After an intro where the compelling recitation of Apocalypse’s chapters 19:11-19:20 prevails, “Dogmatheist” begins wickedly for a few seconds before the blasting outbreak sweeps everything and inclines us towards an always embraced yet somewhat cliché black/death din. Yet very soon one realizes that things aren’t exactly like that; and this is because “Procession Of An Old Religion”, in contrast to most releases of such kind has the RIFFS. Well-crafted, perilous, dressed with poisonous guitar leads of past eras like those of “Seven Tongue Encapturement”. And this is the simple secret that provides the four tracks of the EP with personality and dynamics, while the drums soon come to maximum speed which they almost never give up until the speakers quiet down. Although, to be totally honest, at some points this constant blastbeat maybe drowns parts of the horrific sounds unleashed by the guitar. As for Spoonman, words are pretty unnecessary (we already know him from his other projects); here he transforms to a death swamp equal to the most acknowledged ones and spits the abyss from his mouth.

Last but not least, I have left the excellent black’n’white cover, faithful to the band’s tradition. As DEUS IGNOTUS, from what I am learning, are preparing their next full-length, this EP comes to fill the void and provide a marvelous injection of blackness and antichristianity.

~ by antifleshnimbus on March 14, 2015.

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