GOAT SYNAGOGUE “Inheritors Of The Morbid Arts”

Release Date: November, 2014

Label: Goatmarch Distro

InheritorsThe return of the classic Hellenic blackmetal sound (see first half of the 90s) is well on its way. I don’t know how long it’ll last nor what will be left from this revival, yet I cannot but confess the attraction I feel towards releases that bear such devotion so that they seem to truly belong to that era.

GOAT SYNAGOGUE, in our case, aren’t a totally new entry in this scene. Three years ago, they had given us a glimpse with their first demo tape, drenched in the mist and opaqueness of an Athenian winter night full of smog. Now (last November, to be more accurate) they return with “Inheritors Of The Morbid Arts”, a new demo tape, sharper and more aggressive, as the riffology of early NECROMANTIA and THOU ART LORD (but also other more underground acts such as CTHONIUM or OSUCULUM INFAME) prevails; and since this done in the right way –which is not a flat copy of that sound but a conscious unification with the spirit of that era– then as soon as “My Will” begins, we start spinning around space and time, going 20-25 years back in some dark rehearsal place. It is that wicked transformation of then classic metal (and thrash) sound –through CELTIC FROST and very early SODOM– to something dark and threatening, sometimes mid-tempo, other times more stepping on the gas (as in this demo, for the most part), yet always making the fear of the unknown and the unfathomable to emerge.

Standing by the unstoppable guitars with the marvelous changes in pace and rhythm (listen to the title track with the excellent guitar leads and rhythm switching in the 3:45 minutes it lasts), we have the crushing drums of Divine Desecrator, whose monolithic technique provides a war tone to the tracks. The background keys as well as the ghoulish vocals from the crypt intensify the horrific atmosphere making the 10-plus-something minutes of the demo so full of substance that one wonders whether such short yet emphatic releases are more preferable than 45-min LPs full of pointless parts.

Anyway, the above question probably has little (if any) importance. The true matter is that GOAT SYNAGOUE are here, aiming to bring in today’s Hellenic blackmetal scene the aura of older times; and they succeed in such a way that if someone presented this tape to me as a “lost diamond” of that era, I wouldn’t have any reason not to believe them. Besides, how different could it be, when the cover artwork comes from Panos Sounas, a.k.a. responsible –among others- for certain touchstones called “Crossing The Fiery Path” and “Scarlet Evil, Witching Black”?

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