Date: March 15th, 2015

Location: Kyttaro Club

The special assembly that took place amidst last March has left fresh memories to those who honored it. Baring the name of Drakonian Beauty (how amazing is the antithesis arising when using the word “beauty” for a blackmetal event) this gathering took form in Kyttaro with the participation of four outstanding (each in their own way) domestic bands along with the great OFERMOD.

Septuagint @ Drakonian BeautyThe first calling of the evening was preached by SEPTUAGINT, who came to our attention (at least under that name, since they also have a promo as DECLARATION:HOLOCAUST) only last year with “Negative-Void-Trinity” EP. Having a remarkable set up on stage, clean sound and solid performance, they impressed those who arrived early at the venue, by presenting a very interesting combination of Scandinavian blackmetal and NIGHTBRINGER-ish mentality where the lead guitar carves Dionysian pathways through eerie fields.

Akrotheism @ Drakonian BeautyFollowing them, was AKROTHEISM, whom we had the chance to observe again, 1½ year after their appearance as support at the NECROS CHRISTOS show. Having a very strong full-length (“Behold The Son Of Plagues”) in their account, they exhibited from the very beginning of their act a much more tight sound, delivering in an excellent way an original mix –at least that’s how I interpret it– of Swedish orthodox, Norwegian disharmony as well as traditional Hellenic blackmetal. Even though there was no VED BUENS ENDE cover this time, songs like the title-track from the album were more than enough to intensify the vibes around the place.

Empire Of The Moon @ Drakonian BeautyShortly after, the time was drawing nigh for the band whose (re)appearance was destined to be engraved in the most emphatic manner upon my own black year 2014. EMPIRE OF THE MOON are maybe the most unique, in my ears, example among the recent revival of classic Hellenic blackmetal (of course this could hardly be different since all members are old mystics of the sound). Nothing more, nothing less, they played with extreme accuracy and devotion the “Panselinos” full-length in its entirety, an album not only among the best of last year’s records but also a piece of Art that will be discussed in the future as a milestone of this decade’s domestic releases. The devilish spirit of NECROMANTIA flooded Kyttaro, the mirror set on stage reflected each one’s inner self and the female triptych of Tiamat/Luna/Kali became the guide for the next 45 minutes of the evening; the highlight being –apart from my enthusiasm for the intro of “Lunar Apocalypse”– the elegy of “The Nine Skulls Of Kali”.

Ofermod @ Drakonian BeautyThe coming of OFERMOD to Greece was accompanied with the “loud” absence of Michayah Belfagor. I have to confess that I myself was somewhat doubtful as to how a live ritual from the Swedes could be performed without their spiritual leader. And I was totally disproved. While Ushatar took place for the guitar parts and did exactly what was expected of him, in the spiritual part the duet of Tehôm and Florian Hucek weaved a drakonian web, a passage for those intending to cross the Rubicon and communicate with their shadow side. If “Black Gate” was a small apocalypse for those synchronized, then “Mysterion Tes Anomias”, a song that became the epitome of the sound-words combination described as orthodox, was a true transcendence that we rarely have the chance to experience in similar events.

Acherontas @ Drakonian BeautyFor ACHERONTAS who closed the evening in all its glory, I have written so many times that I may start to become tiring. However it is one thing that matters. As much as one likes or dislikes their music/image/lyrics, they represent a band standing as a gem for our country and for the whole blackmetal subgenre because they were never afraid to evolve their sound and to spread their messages performing rituals wherever in the world they found it to be meaningful. For this event they had yet another small surprise, playing with three guitars, a choice that would normally lead to noise but not here where one instrument would complement and not overgrow the other; thus the sound was magnificent. Not having the chance yet to listen to their new album (“Ma-Ion: Formulas Of Reptilian Unification”), I enjoyed as always songs like “Legacy Of Tiamat” (in one of its best readings I’ve ever attendend) and “Blood Current Illumination”.

The night ended with a feeling of totality and unity. Such events, organized with faith, devotion and vision are written with permanent letters in the blackmetal chronicles and the notable response from the fans (people from abroad were also there) became another pleasant element of than Sunday. Until the next assembly, the energy resources were fully charged and the spirit ascended once again…

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