The Anti-Flesh Nimbus Statement

This web-site is dedicated to the numerous forms of the truly extreme music. Extreme not only in terms of intensity or “evilness” but also in terms of disturbance it causes to the listener. Black metal will be the main subject with addition from the vaults of true death metal, doom, thrash and sounds of the underground in general.

Black metal and similar sounds are the sub-genres that provide us with the most challenging material in today’s era, an era defined by the decay of the human spirit and its inevitable quest for progression to a higher level. This is what black metal has to do the most and not solely with “evil” or “occult” subjects. The same goes for anti-christianity or misanthropy or even political statements and all these forms of expression for black metal over its 25 years of life. The invisible line that connects those subjects is negativity against stagnation, esotericism in order to gain Knowledge of the Self and continuous dialectical conflicts in which the old Paradigm gives birth to the new one which comes to devour the old. Religion and Atheism, Anarchy and Dictatorship, Chaos and Order, a constant duality in the (neverending?) journey to higher levels.

Embrace the realms of the dark side, you may find more Light than you have ever imagined.

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